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We Handle the Behind-the-Scenes Effort to Make Your Event Seamless.

Your corporate event says a lot about you. You carve an image for yourself through your event. That’s why it is important to organize a corporate event that is entertaining, engaging, educational and elegant. At A5 Events, we excel in providing just this.

We are one of the top corporate event companies serving the Greater Los Angeles area. We organize a wide range of events for companies across the United States, from networking events, charity races, athletic contests, business summits and more. After serving blue-chip corporate businesses, individuals, nonprofits, and other organizations for more than 20 years, A5 Events has become a trusted source for event management and charity race management by some of the biggest names across the country.

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Make Your Next Event One to Remember

A5 Events is an events management and planning company specializing in the management of charity races, corporate events, and other special events all across the country. Our event directors have a cumulative experience of over 50 years in the event management industry and together as a team, we have been assisting companies across America host fabulous corporate events, for the past 20 years. If you are a Brand Manager, Event Marketing Manager, Partnership and Experience Manager or in charge of global events or sponsorships for events, please note that A5 can help you produce your; Athletic Contests, Family Friendly Group Events, Wellness Events, Eco-Friendly events, Business Summits, Branding events, Seminars and more!


What Makes A5 Events Different?

Here’s what we offer:

  • We help you find and select a venue for your event or organize your office premises for the event.
  • We plan and schedule your event/race minute-to-minute.
  • We handle all behind-the-scenes efforts to make your event seamless and hiccup-free from start to finish.
  • We help with any new marketing material so you reach the right target audience; in addition to arranging for event media coverage.
  • We provide you with contacts of some of the best and most-experienced service operators, caterers, security personnel and facility management companies.
  • We arrange for pre-event/race and post-event/race activities, plus event promotion activities.
  • We organize for medals, certificates, gift vouchers and gifts for your event/race.
At A5 Events, we are environmentally-conscious and we implement only sustainable event management practices to ensure we don’t leave behind a large carbon footprint. We are also responsible employers and believe in equal employment opportunities and we hire a wide variety of personnel and vendors to assist with your corporate event management.

Ready to Create Memories?
A5 Events Can Help Plan Any Type of Event.

You can trust us to handle everything from initial design to onsite logistics and execution. The team at A5 Events are versatile and highly experienced. Right from activating vendors to liaising with sponsors to taking care of your guests, we go the extra mile and do everything we can so that your event is not only successfully carried out but pulled off without a hitch. We will be the very first to arrive at your venue and the very last to exit. Our commitment to your event is 100% and you will always find us working hard to smooth out any problems or bottlenecks that may affect the quality of your corporate event or charity race.

At A5 Events, each member of our team is passionate about what they do. Our love for event planning makes us all the more exuberant at meeting any challenges head-on and finding ingenious, out-of-the-box solutions. Our goal is simple; make your event or race a total success. We do this by providing the guidance, coordination, and experience you need to host your special event from the right perspective – that of your target audience. As one of the most experienced nationwide corporate event companies, we know that a successful event should be seamless and engaging. This is why we put that extra thought and care into our projects. Our goal is that they are not only set up for success, but set up to run smoothly and be memorable for years to come.

Corporate Event Planner Serving Clients Nationwide. Get Our Team Behind Your Special Function.

Planning an event shouldn’t be a headache; it should be exciting and fun. At A5 Events, we make the event management process stress-free and enjoyable. Work with us and get started with planning for your tech event, networking event or charity race today. We help nonprofit organizations plan races or fundraisers that can inspire all attendees, while encouraging donations for the causes close to your heart. From nonprofit races to other special occasions, A5 Events can handle all aspects of your event and create a unique guest experience.

Excitement. Energy. Enjoyment. These are all things that racers, runners, and other attendees are looking for in an event. When it comes down to it, great corporate events create a sense of community. They can create a sense of unity and togetherness. Our entire event management team is here to help make sure your event reaches the right target audience so that your event can grow in number and potential. This allows your attendees to enjoy the feeling of getting together – or even getting behind a worthwhile cause.​​​​​​ If you would like our assistance organizing and managing charity runs and races, get in touch with us today.



Creating Memories for You & Your Attendees at a Price You Can't Beat

At A5 Events, all of our event packages are priced to suit your needs and your type of event. Whether you want just a few specific event management services or a full-fledged end-to-end event management service, you can find a selection of packages to suit all types of requirements.

We believe in complete transparency when it comes to our package prices and we charge you only for the services you use. Since you partner with other vendors through us, you will also benefit from discounted prices. If you would like a quote for your event, please feel free to give us a call or fill out the form provided and we will get back to you shortly.

We know how to put on a great corporate event – but don’t just take our word for it. Check out our growing list of sponsors and clients who have worked with us in the past! Don’t be surprised if you find some of the biggest global companies on our list.

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Planning Shouldn't Be a Headache. We Make the Event Management Process Stress-Free.

Here’s the thing. There is nothing typical about an A5 event. We will do our best to bring to life your unique vision. Do not hesitate to let us know what your ideal scene is and we will implement a unique strategy, fitting your exact needs, to pull off the event you envision.

There is no question that planning and executing charity races, events or fundraisers can be quite fulfilling projects to undertake but like any occasion, they can also be difficult and challenging with a host of different factors to consider and coordinate. A5 Events makes it easy by doing all of the work for you.

So are you ready to create memories? A5 Events can help plan charity runs, 5K walks, special corporate events and more. Contact us today.


At A5 Events our event production team provides its clients with a wide array of services. We will take your from consulting all the way to the management and execution of your event.

Our team works hard to help you with every aspect of your special occasion. If you have only an idea, or even no idea, we will help you turn that into a full-fledged meet-and-greet that no one will be able to forget.

The Events Production Team Can:
  • Use the vast database we have acquired over the years to promote your event.
  • Arrange the route and handle logistics for your race, run, triathlon or what have you.
  • Distinguish your specific company/branding and develop a plan to promote it.
  • Design and provide custom race t-shirts, medals, bibs, pins, food boxes and medicine kits.
  • Give you insights into any bulk discounts due to our connections with other vendors.
  • Help you create a successful sponsorship program.
  • Aid you in relations with various charity organizations.
  • Increase the scope of your volunteer count.
Route Design

The event team strives to create the most enjoyable yet cost effective course for your race. We design our routes based on the needs of our participants, making it easy for them to receive water, follow the route and take note of mile markers. We help our clients secure bulk discounts on everyday items that can be integral to a successful race.

Logistics of Registration

Our team will handle everything from assigning the bibs to registering each runner or race participant.


The team at A5 Events has over 50 years of cumulative experience in event production. We have successfully organized hundreds of races, charity runs and triathlons all the while providing live athlete tracking, bib prep, and start and finish line set-ups. We’ve got you covered.

Custom Shirts and Merchandise

We routinely use our connections with wholesale manufacturers to obtain discounted but high quality shirts, medals, bibs, etc. custom made for your event.


Nationwide Corporate Event Planner

At A5 Events, we have more than 30 years of combined experience between our staff and we work hard to handle and manage issues from start to finish. With multiple sponsors and participants in our corporate event industry database you can feel confident that you are in the best hands possible. Contact or call our experienced and knowledgeable staff to start planning your event today!

We partner with your organization to help bring awareness and fundraising to worthy causes. Do not hesitate to email us to learn more, or call (818) 848-6111.

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