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What Makes A5 Events Different?

Do you run or manage part of a charity organization? Do you have a favorite charity that you support? Charity event planning such as races & runs are a great way to raise money and awareness for your preferred charity. Whether you want to host a walk to raise funds for medical research or if you’d like to participate in a race for your favorite cause, A5 Events is the name you can trust to make it happen.

We have proudly partnered with numerous nationally-recognized charities to bring fun and exciting charity events to cities across the country. We have made it our mission to help nonprofits create successful events for their charities that meet their visions and exceed their expectations. We have also partnered with companies nationwide, to help them achieve and sometimes surpass their year-end charity objectives.

If you would like to have a race organized to collect funds for the charity of your choice, please feel free to speak to our race directors today. We have extensive experience in the field and can organize pre-race day and race day events for you.

Walk, Run, Cycle
The Sky's the Limit

The best thing about charity races is that there’s no fixed pattern or scheme you need to follow. From walkathons to marathons to triathlons, there are so many events that you can organize for your charity event. Our team of charity event and race planners has worked with multiple nonprofits and blue-chip companies, helping them plan runs and cycling races. We can also organize triathlons. We have worked with hundreds of highly-experienced industry leading professionals in each city and we will plan your racing event to fit your exact needs and targets.

Participant safety is something we prioritize at A5 Events. At all times we will have our large team of volunteers, medical staff and safety personnel interspersed across the course, to help and protect any participant that needs our assistance. If your event is a night time charity run, we will have a steady supply of lights and reflectors across the course and we will also provide participants with flashlights and batteries, should they need it. At A5 Events, we believe that charity races are for every person. We organize disability-friendly races and if anyone from your chosen charity wishes to participate in the race and they need additional support, our event managers will organize wheelchairs, crutches, ramps, visual or hearing equipment and more. You can trust us to organize a hiccup-free charity race event.

What Can We Do For You?

A5 Events has over 20 years of experience in charity race marketing. Our race directors will help promote your charity races to schools, colleges, workplaces and public spaces and help improve the registration rate for your events. We already have a long list of veteran marathoners and experienced participants and we can help you and your charity get in touch with them for your event.


A5 Events, Your One-Stop-Shop for Putting On a Memorable Charity Race

So far, we have helped raise money for worthy causes in areas dealing with health and wellness, drug awareness and eradication and equality and fairness, amongst others, across the United States and we have the experience and skill to help design, organize, plan, and market a race to help support your cause. At A5 Events, we also specialize in larger races that involve thousands of participants from across the country. If you would like to see how a typical A5 charity race looks like, take a look at our gallery page.

Our race planners and directors provide all-in-one solutions to clients. Everything you need, you are sure to find with us. We work with hundreds of commercial partners who can supply us with premium-quality race day clothing, race timing, accessories, medals and food. Whether you need a dry-fit t-shirt with a custom-print of your charity’s or company’s logo or healthy breakfast for runners, you can rest assured that we’ll have you covered, every step of the way.

If you want to celebrate the success of your charity run with an awesome party, our team at A5 Events can organize a post-run bash for you too. We can also set up a stage for medal ceremonies for the participants. You can trust us to skillfully plan, organize and execute all charity event planning for nonprofits and blue-chip companies.

Our Services

We offer the following services to all of our clients:

  • Nationwide corporate race planning service.
  • Comprehensive guidance through all aspects of a major corporate event.
  • Event marketing and networking support through a vast contact list of participants.
  • Professional race timing.
  • Provision of race t-shirts, medals, bibs, pins, food boxes and medicine kits.
  • Adequate restroom facilities.
  • Pre-race day sponsorship events.
  • Race day photography and videography services.

A5 Events is committed to organizing and implementing all of your charity race plans perfectly and within your budget. We have various pricing options for our charity race planner packages, suited to different budgets. You can speak to any of our race directors for more information about the same.



Partner With Us Today!

Teaming up with A5 Events can help ensure that your organization’s charity race gets the recognition needed to bring important matters to the attention of more people. We can provide useful resources to participants, charities, news agencies and other related organizations, should you need them. We strive to provide a great environment for your audience, all while working within your budget. For a closer look at how our charity race planners work visit our Plan An Event page.

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Looking For a Charity Race?

Racing is a great way to get exercise and stay healthy, while supporting a worthwhile cause. Participate in an event that creates lasting memories and make your contribution to a charity of your choice.

At A5 Events, we’ve partnered with nonprofits across the country to connect racers with the causes that they care about. If you want to help, participating in one of our corporate events is a great way to get started! Find a charity race in your area today! You can also contact us today to plan a race of your own!


Nationwide Corporate Charity Event Planning

At A5 Events, we have more than 30 years of combined experience between our staff and we work hard to handle and manage issues from start to finish. With multiple sponsors and participants in our corporate event industry database you can feel confident that you are in the best hands possible. Contact or call our experienced and knowledgeable staff to start planning your event today!

We partner with your organization to help bring awareness and fundraising to worthy causes. Do not hesitate to email us to learn more, or call (818) 848-6111.

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