Tech Event Management

A5 Events Can Organize Your Tech Industry Conference

Tech Event Management

A5 Events Can Organize Your Tech Industry Conference

Make Your Next Tech Event One to Remember

Are you looking to host a corporate event for people and companies in your branch of the tech industry? If so, A5 Events has the resources and experience to help you.

We are well-versed in the specific needs and challenges these kinds of events are known for and we can ensure that your event, conference or trade show fully exhibits the dynamics and excitement of your industry. As professionals who serve clients nationwide, we have built a reputation for greatness coast-to-coast.

So don’t hesitate to reach out to us today. Our event directors are excited to get to work! Large or small, our tech event management teams are equipped and trained to plan, organize, implement and manage tech events of all magnitudes.

Experience, Reliability and Results Are What We Provide

At A5 Events, we acknowledge the great challenge of organizing a memorable tech event. If your event falters or misses, the chances of meeting your event’s objectives diminish considerably. That’s exactly what our tech event planners try to prevent.

We have worked with hundreds of tech companies and non-tech companies over the course of our 20-year career, to organize technology seminars, conferences, trade shows and software release parties. We also specialize in corporate networking events planning. Over this period, we have learned numerous tried and true methods, which we incorporate to provide perfection in our services.


A5 Events’ Philosophy to Organizing Great Tech Events:

Have clarity on what is being done and why

Understanding the purpose of the tech event is as important as planning it. The event directors at A5 Events are committed to organizing the perfect tech event, suited to your business objectives. We will sit with you and work towards understanding what exactly you want out of your tech event and then we will set out making your requirements a reality. We believe in keeping our event management service completely transparent and we will involve you in every decision we take.

Focus on your target group and structure the event around them

The type of content you present, the speaker you invite, the gifts you give during parting, the seating arrangements and the food – all of these depend on who your target audience is and what their expectations might be from you.

For example, a tech event for only senior management will require a different type of setting, compared to a tech event that caters to employees of all levels, right from the interns to the CEO. Similarly, if your event is expected to have guests with special needs, you may need to select a venue that is disability-friendly and which uses disability-friendly technology.

Even the guest of honor or the primary speaker must be chosen with care. Your audience profile will dictate this decision as well. At A5 Events, our tech event planners have extensive knowledge about the workings of the technology industry and they can help you take these decisions in a well-planned manner. If you have any special requests that you would like us to accommodate, just let us know. We’ll do our best to incorporate all that you require.

Follow a well-drafted agenda to avoid confusions

The agenda at a tech event will specify all the activities that you would need to spearhead and their schedules. The creation of and adherence to the agenda is something that our team at A5 Events specializes in.

We will sit with you and plan your event’s agenda and we will also help you edit your agenda on-the-fly if the need arises. A5 Events is equipped to handle the challenges posed by tech events and we have got you covered no matter what the issue. Contact us for end-to-end event management services.

Don’t skimp out on the food and drinks

A hungry stomach often leads to a grumpy tech exec, or so the saying goes. Not feeding your attendees or giving them poor quality food and beverages can be one of the biggest turn-offs at any tech event.

At A5 Events, we are partnered with multiple local caterers and we can arrange for premium, top-quality food and beverages for your tech event. If any of your attendees have any specific dietary requirements or allergens, just let us know. We can organize for specially-catered meals for your attendees.

Quality over quantity when it comes to your attendees

Finally, one of the foundations of a great tech event, is the guest list. Trying to fill-up seats is one of the easiest ways to sabotage your event. This is something we help prevent at A5 Events.

Our event planners have established networks across the tech industry and we know the who’s who of the tech world. By creating personalized solutions, reaching new audiences, and implementing smart marketing efforts, we can help ensure your event is a hit.

These are just a few of the many pieces that go into a successful tech industry event in your city. To learn more about what a partnership with A5 Events can bring to your tech event, feel free to give us a call or fill out the form provided. Our team is ready to answer any questions, address any concerns, and start taking steps towards realizing your event goals.

Accommodating the Needs of Technology Professionals

Technology professionals are one of the most dynamic groups of people to work with and organizing an event for them is an exciting job.

Our tech event management professionals have been helping tech clients nationwide for over a combined 50 years. Over that time period, we have efficiently met the unique needs of dozens of organizations and companies and have learned what it takes to properly tailor an event experience to our clients and their respective industries.

Our team can ensure that your corporate event:

  • Accommodates the power requirements of your vendors and attendees.
  • Has access to reliable and modern multi-media platforms.
  • Provides powerful Wi-Fi access for your attendees.
  • Is properly protected by robust security.
  • Is situated close to hotel accommodations.
  • Is partnered with relevant local organizations.
  • Is properly promoted with customized graphics and messaging.

So, now that you’ve been briefed about how we work and what we can offer you…are you ready to start the tech event planning process? Contact us today!

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At A5 Events, we have more than 50 years of combined experience between our staff and we work hard to handle and manage issues from start to finish. With multiple sponsors and participants in our corporate event industry database you can feel confident that you are in the best hands possible. Contact or call our experienced and knowledgeable staff to start planning your event today!

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