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Plan Your Networking Event With A5 Events

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Networking is key to the success of any industry or community. At A5 Events, we know that networking events are the best way to foster these key interactions and we give our clients the space, resources, and opportunity to make powerful professional and creative connections.

Our team of networking event planners are trained and experienced in the art of organizing networking events. From product launches to annual general meetings, we have worked on numerous corporate formal events across the United States. We have more than three decades of event organization experience and we have helped clients all over the country hold dynamic, illuminating, and successful events for their attendees. Feel free to reach out to us for more information regarding our corporate event planning services.

Benefits of Organizing a Corporate Networking Event

In today’s competitive landscape, there are a thousand players serving the same industry. This makes carving a unique brand identity and creating brand awareness a challenge. Networking events help ease this process, by providing businesses and corporations the stage to make their presence known to other companies, investors and potential customers.

Whether you need a fresh lot of applicants for jobs at your organization or you want to make some connections to further a potential merger and acquisition deal, the corporate networking events our event planners at A5 Events organize will be the perfect stage for your corporate growth and success.



What Value Can A5 Events Bring to Your Networking Event?

Due to our extensive experience in the corporate event industry, we have helped accommodate clients from an array of different industries with their event needs. Our corporate event management professionals can make sure that all aspects of your networking event, from event marketing to night-of-event logistics, are taken care of.

A5 Events ensures that our networking events:

  • Provide open and stylish venues for attendees.
  • Decorate the venue through established interior decorators.
  • Make arrangements for seating, accommodation, wheelchair access, restrooms and other facilities as needed.
  • We will have a list of industry-specific attendees to assist with event registration.
  • Manage all attendees, their seating, accommodations & diet preferences.
  • Offer access to high quality, local catering options.
  • Partner with local spirit vendors.
  • Hire a professional and courteous staff to serve attendees.
  • Promote your networking event through various, relevant channels.
  • Hire experienced videographers and photographers for corporate networking events.

We Handle the Behind-the-Scenes Effort to Make Your Event Seamless.

From simple one-night wine and cheese events to galas and industry conferences, A5 Events is ready to be your go-to networking event planner. Before we do, though, our team would love to to hear about you, your organization, and the community you’re ready to connect with. This ensures we craft the event you expect and deserve!

So go ahead and give us a call or fill out the form provided. Our event directors are here to welcome you.

Types of Networking Events We Can Organize

Are you looking to host a networking event? Our nationwide corporate event professionals are ready to hear from you. The event directors at A5 Events have over 20 years of experience organizing various corporate networking events.


Our Portfolio of Networking Events Include:

Product Launches: Product launches are extremely important to showcase your new line of products to investors and potential customers. A5 Events can organize runway walks and plan product launch events for small to large sized organizations. We work with professional modeling agencies and can help you network with product models with extensive experience.

Company Seminars: Whether it’s an industry-wide seminar or the annual general meeting of your organization, A5 Events can set up a highly-professional environment for all of your formal networking events. Our team has an innate understanding of the unique requirements of each of our clients and we can personalize the networking event to suit your needs and those of your attendees.

Trade Shows: Trade shows are such a fertile ground to meet your peers and to connect with industry leaders and experts. A5 Events is proud to have been the event partners for some of the biggest names in America, like Arrowhead, Coca Cola and Hilton to name a few. We can set up the stalls, put up banners, make arrangements for refreshments, organize the facilities and set up the venue for after-show meetings and runway shows. Just let us know.

Charity Dinners: Some of the best corporate networking events are those organized for charity. At A5 Events, we are particularly proud of our contribution to charitable causes that are close to the hearts of American corporations. We will help you plan and organize charity dinners and galas for the charity of your choice and will help you do your bit for the society. We can also organize charity runs and races across the country. Our charity run directors work with the best industry professionals to create a memorable and socially-beneficial experience for everyone involved.

Board Meetings: If you are planning the annual shareholders meeting or board meeting, please don’t hesitate to contact us for help. We will find the right venue for the event and will set up a truly professional and luxurious event for your attendees. We can also organize a company networking retreat for your shareholders, board of directors and employees. All of our networking event services can be customized to suit your budget and your needs.

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A5 Events Has 50-Plus Years of Combined Experience Serving Clients Nationwide

All of the networking events we plan can be organized either on your company premises or at a special venue. We have teams working across the United States and they will be more than happy to lend a helping hand. Our event planning services also cover end-to-end event management and we can make arrangements for participant transportation and food should you wish to outsource these activities to us.


Nationwide Corporate Event Planner

At A5 Events, we have more than 30 years of combined experience between our staff and we work hard to handle and manage issues from start to finish. With multiple sponsors and participants in our corporate event industry database you can feel confident that you are in the best hands possible. Contact or call our experienced and knowledgeable staff to start planning your event today!

We partner with your organization to help bring awareness and fundraising to worthy causes. Do not hesitate to email us to learn more, or call (818) 848-6111.

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